Moscow Clayworks
Moscow Clayworks Gallery 223 N. Main Street, Moscow PA  18444
phone: 570.357.1627   "Gallery hours by appointment"

... a community based, family owned studio for ceramic art featuring local and international artists while supporting humanitarian projects.
           David Greenbaum
  Skip Sensbach
Ellen Jamiokowski.
Lissa Jeannot

Summer 2021

Adult Open Community Studio
Monday & Wednesday: 5-9pm

Tile Project: North Pocono High School Mural: 
Contact Brita

Creative Glazing Workshop With Nicole: 
All ages/ All levels welcome
Thursdays 6pm-8pm; July 1st, July 22nd & August 12th

  Clay & Wellness Small Groups With Nicole: 
All ages/ All levels welcome
Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays by appointment: Through June 17th to August 14th

Brita Krempasky
  Nicole Fata   

Studio Rates
$10/hr. - individual 
$5/hr. – student, senior, 
fixed income, small group

Monthly Sliding Scale
$50-100/mo. – Adult
$25-50/mo. – Student

Additional information:
(570) 357-1627