Moscow Clayworks
Moscow Clayworks Gallery 223 N. Main Street, Moscow PA  18444
phone: 570.357.1627   "Gallery hours by appointment"

... a community based, family owned studio for ceramic art featuring local and international artists while supporting humanitarian projects.
           David Greenbaum
  Skip Sensbach
Ellen Jamiokowski.
Lissa Jeannot

Winter 2018 @ MCW
"a winter's nap"

January & February: 
studio hibernation.
March: Studio clean-out. 

Spring 2018: Open community studio & NPHS program to 
resume regular hours. 
Lissa Jeannot returns in May to begin work for individual exhibit at Afa Gallery & MCW “clayladies” group exhibit at Marquis 
Gallery in Wilkes-Barre:
 July 20th to Sept 7th

$10/hr. - individual 1st year
$15/2hr. – small group
$7.50/hr. – individual 2nd year
$5/hr. – student & senior

$100/mo. – 1st year
$75/mo. – 2nd year
$50/mo. – student & senior
Sliding scale option

For details:
Call or email
(570) 357-1627